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Running Inside Out (2011)

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Even running you're never really alone

Inspired by a true story, Kim embarks on her college career to journey through love, success and unexpected crisis. With a dream job, a fresh start and an inspired passion for running, Kim is forced to the edge by a sequence of painful life circumstances including an unplanned pregnancy. As her life crumbles and relationships fade, her hardened aloneness is unveiled. “Who will stand with me? Who will love me — just for me?”

This is a passionate film about one woman’s search for a love that will last and the people who make a difference through ordinary acts of kindness.

I really wish that more Doctors and Nurses were like the ones portrayed in this film. Knowing this was based on a true story, it’s encouraging to me to know that there are still people out there that truly care. It’s these type of people that make all the difference. Her friends were fabulous as well. This was a film of hope and LOVED the picture that they showed twice in the film. You’ll know the picture once you watch the film! Check CFDb Review


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