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Bear with Me (2000)

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Lost in the Wilderness

Little Emily and her family adopt a bear cub and name it Masha. They raise Masha, and release her into the woods. After about three years, 11 year old Emily gets lost deep in the forest all alone. It's dark out there and she stumbles and gets knocked unconscious. Emily wakes up and to her surprise, Masha is there cuddling her and keeping her warm and safe. Now, Emily must find her way home with the security and help of Masha. Unfortunately it isn't as easy as it seems--there are all sorts of wild animals in the forest. Cougars, wolves, other bears, and even bear-hunters are all over. The two keep each other safe throughout their dangerous adventure in order to make sure Emily gets home safe and sound. A heartwarming tale of adventure and friendship enjoyable for the whole family.

As seen on Animal Planet!

Michael Ontkeen, Alan Thicke, and Helen Shaver costar


Tags: adventure, family, 2000

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