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Dying to Be Heard (2014)

Dying to Be Heard (2014) 2876 Views

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This film is based on many true stories

Rachel is a high-powered executive striving to climb the corporate ladder, however; suddenly finds herself thrown into an emotional crisis when she discovers she is pregnant. Having to choose between her blossoming career, versus a life on unexpected sacrifice, her world seems to be closing in around her, as her spiritual perspectives start to become challenged as well. This riveting and heart-wrenching film underscores the reality of God’s compassion for every human life, from the disabled, to the autistic, to those who perished in the Holocaust, and especially the unborn, and motivates us all to be a voice for Love, Life and for all those “dying to be heard!”


Tags: abortion, biblical drama, disabilities, holocaust/genocide, pregnancy, true films, 2014

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