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Seven Deadly Words (2013)

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It only takes one man to change the world.

Pastor Evan Bennett takes on more than he bargained for when he arrives in Connersville, Indiana, to settle into his new role at Egypt Valley Community Church. Out of funds and out of touch with the community, Evan's new church needs a strong leader to stand up to tradition and the seven deadly words: "We've never done it that way before." Inspired by the challenge, Evan and several members of the congregation set out to rebuild relationships, repair the broken-down facility, and replenish the church's bank account.

The Dove Foundation Review:
This tale of faith, betrayal, victory, and survival will delight you, shock you, and leave you knowing that the price of hope is eternal vigilance in the face of the Seven Deadly Words. This movie shows the difference a Christian can make when refusing to give in to defeat.

This is a film that really makes you take a look at yourself. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.


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