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Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope (2008)

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope (2008) 2446 Views

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A story of hope

An idealistic Christian woman's faith and family are threatened when she becomes a caregiver for her Alzheimer's inflicted father.

Melanie has life all figured out. She knows she can conquer any challenge as the perfect Christian wife and mother. Against the advice of her family, Melanie brings her Alzheimer's inflicted father, Sam into her home. Although she's certain she can help, Sam's delusions and disruptions start to unravel Melanie's "perfect" life.

In her attempt to reach Sam, Melanie fails to notice her own family falling apart. Caught between countless obstacles and Sam’s relentless needs, she begins to feel as lost as her father.

Stretched to the brink, Melanie must find a salvation that is beyond her own understanding. Something that might be locked in Sam’s broken mind. Something that must be revealed by God.

Fantastic! A Christian film to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think about where your priorities are in life. Some surprising things are brought out that make this movie unique. If you’ve ever been a caregiver, be prepared to break out the tissue box. Check CFDB Review

Tags: drama, illness, marriage, 2008

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