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Secrets in the Snow (2012)

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Everybody has one

All that separates the students of Eastbrook High from the freedom of Christmas break is one day of final exams. The light snowfall that Friday, however, soon escalates into a threatening storm that cancels school and leaves six students stranded in the dark gym. Forced to rely on each other, the teens' entrapment creates friendships, tests wills, and reveals secrets as they strive to survive the night alone.

Written and directed by Brittany Goodwin, Secrets in the Snow deals with issues facing contemporary teenagers and families, including body image, identity crisis, bankruptcy, military leave, and finding answers to life's struggles through Christianity.

This movie really brings out how we know very little about each other and how we judge each other without knowing each other. I wonder how many more true friends we might have if we took the time to get to know more people. Check CFDB Review



Tags: comedy, drama, youth, 2013

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