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The Last Adam (2006)

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To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.

Twenty years after leaving Lake City, AL, behind, Bobby Jackson returns to his hometown to bury the baseball coach who turned his life around and reconnect with the childhood friends who have since drifted apart.

Growing up in a largely white, military town, Bobby and his friends were always acutely aware that they were different. With Coach Billy Adams' help, they found a place to call their own - the baseball diamond. They called themselves the 'Bama Rascals, and they could run the bases like nobody's business.

Later in life, however, some members of the gang fared better than others. Now the Rascals have returned to Lake City to be the pallbearers at Coach Billy's funeral.

Will the reunion help heal the wounds that festered all these years, or will the sight of those familiar faces simply take the 'Bama Rascals back to a place they need to leave behind in order to truly grow?

There are two messages that were great in this movie. Don’t let people define you…ever! The other is that you can’t blame your town or circumstances that happened in your life, you need to take responsibility for your choices. With God’s help, we ALL can change. Check CFDB review.

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