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Hidden Rage (2010)

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Rage has a way of hiding itself, until it's too late.

Joshua, a 17 year old student, goes to school every day, because he has to. Every day he gets picked on, beat up, and bullied. His teachers aren’t aware, security can only react to what they see and his only friend, Stephen, is too afraid to step to his defense. Rage has a way of hiding itself until it’s too late, and in Joshua rage is buried deep. There are signs that his rage is trying to escape, but no one sees them. He indulges his anger in the games that he plays, the lists that he keeps, and the movies that he watches. Until one day he gets pushed too far.

The Mission

Hidden Rage intends to reach out to the youths in today’s culture of violence. Through telling the story of a high school student’s experience and actions, the film deftly explores many of the possible triggers that might cause a person to snap. With an engaging storyline and an exploration of how rage can build inside a person, the film provides a warning and demonstration of the consequences of resorting to violence to solve problems.

The film Hidden Rage creates an opportunity for relevant and timely dialogue about the rage and violence prevalent in today’s youth culture. The film is both Entertaining and educational, Hidden Rage fills a timely need and will act as a starting point for discussion between parents and their children, teachers and their students in schools across the country.

We really LOVED this film and the great message within. A must see Christian film, especially for parents and teenagers!  Check out the CFDb Blog about this film.  CFDb Blog!


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