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Blue Like Jazz (2012)

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Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality - a comedy

A sheltered Texas young man from a strict Christian background gets a crash course in secular life after enrolling in Reed College and encountering people who question reality on a daily basis. Nineteen-year-old Don (Marshall Allman) was feeling suffocated by religion when he impulsively set his sights on the Pacific Northwest. Subsequently thrust into a world where faith takes a back seat to creativity and impulsiveness, Don struggles tirelessly to fit in while realizing that the only way to truly be sure in his beliefs is to test each and every one of them.

Mixed emotions on this one. There is some really unique filming in this movie and if I could have skipped to the last few minutes of the film I would have been truly blessed. I know a lot of people really liked this film because it does deal with some real issues. I think they purposely went over the top on a lot of issues so it did make the point it was trying to. Check CFDB Review.

Tags: comedy, drama, homosexuality, 2012

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