Renegade (2011)
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Renegade (2011)

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The good and the bad shall be revealed

Mattie is a story of life, love and gold mining -- about gold miners facing the challenges of a hostile environment. Through life's twists and turns, they learn to be self-sufficient while maintaining their faith. Mattie falls in love with an unwittingly marries a handsome, charming claim jumper. She is faced with heartbreaking loss and betrayal. Families and friends reach out to Mattie and teach her that trouble brings out the truth. Ultimately, the good and the bad are revealed.

I enjoyed the last 1/2 hour the most. There are quite a lot of great quotes towards the end. I especially like that if we never go through anything how will we know we have great faith and even through tragedy, God gets us where we’re supposed to be, and I want to add, especially when we’re praying! Check CFDb Movie Review



Tags: drama, romance, western, 2011

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