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Zambia's Song (2013)

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The sound of Zambia is a nation in crisis.

A mother hums quietly to herself as she slings her daughter on her back and makes her way to the river. On the other side of the village, a teenage girl sings with her siblings while walking to school. A teacher leads her students in prayer in their classroom overflowing with children. Each voice is unique but each has been touched by the same thing: the water crisis. This is the sound of Zambia. 

For most people in the world, getting water is as simple as turning a faucet. But for one out of every six people on the planet, water is scarce, dirty, and sometimes deadly. For years, the people of Ndola, Zambia, struggled daily to find safe drinking water. That has now changed. Organizations and community leaders have begun to work to rewrite the song of despair. These people have started a movement that is sweeping Ndola. They know that if safe water can change the health of a child, it can change the fate of a nation. This is their story. This is Zambia's Song.

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