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Home Run for Rusty (1977)

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Rusty is the scourge of his his 6th grade class. He plays practical jokes on and constantly gets into fights with other kids, but he is especially perturbed because he has been dubbed "the strikeout king" by other members of the baseball team (Rusty is shorter in stature than the other kids). One day, Rusty's friend Janie is in the library and sees him trying to study for a math test; Janie tells Rusty not to compare himself to her and if he allows Jesus to come into his life, things might take a turn for the better. Rusty thumbs his nose at that advice and continues to repudiate it; however, a few days later, after he pulls a prank on Janie with dangerous consequences, Rusty begins to seriously reflect on what Janie said, and finally asks Jesus to come into his life and help him.

Tags: drama, sports, youth, family, short

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