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The Grace Card (2010)

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In racially charged Memphis Tennessee, a searing personal tragedy has left police officer Mac McDonald a bitter, angry soul, blaming a long downward spiral on minorities, “the system” and God Himself.

Who better to bring this simmering kettle to a boil than an African-American pastor-cop named Sam, who’s just been promoted in front of Mac, and assigned as his new partner?

When a routine burglary call goes horribly wrong, Mac McDonald hits bottom, and stares into the Abyss of losing it all career, family, and any reason to go on. His only lifeline is Grace, offered by the God he’s abandoned, through the gift of a man he can barely stand.

The question is, will he take it?

Such a POWERFUL movie – do not miss this one.  Check out the CFDb Movie Reviewand CFDb Interview withMichael Joiner!


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