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The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey (2011)

The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey (2011) 1730 Views

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The short story of sixteen-year-old martyr, Lady Jane Grey.


While casually browsing the bookshelves at a local library, a young woman stumbles across a book about the sixteen-year-old martyr, Lady Jane Grey. As she attentively ingests each word, her mind is captivated by the realism of the events unfolding before her. Pages continue to turn as moments turn to hours. Her imagination soon gives way to reality as we are transported back in time to find Jane (Jerica Henline) on the eve of her execution, rejected by her people, dethroned, and locked in a tower because of her refusal to acquiesce to the faith of her cousin, Mary Tudor, and having for comfort her only faithful friend, Mrs. Ellen (Emily Meinerding). Follow this valiant young woman through the final hours of her life and be a part of the few to uncover the truth of this magnificent, untold story!
  Awards Best Student Film Crown Award 2012  (Won at the 2012 International Christian Visual Media) Adam Award 2013 - Best Student/First Production (Won at the 2013 Sabaoth Film Festival)

Tags: biography, drama, short films, true films, short, 2011

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