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Chosen (Doonby) (2013)

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A drifter, Sam, (John Schneider) comes to town and automatically suspicions and rumors start.  He befriends Laura (Jenn Gotzon) the rich doctor's daughter but when Sam helps out in different situations in town, Laura is swayed by the rumors.  Sam dissapears. Now without his help the town has to handle these situations and realize that they may have allowed rumors to cloud their opinion of Sam.

WOW! What a film! This is one you DO NOT want to miss and this is one that you can show Christians or non-Christians. It really makes you think, has a great twist. We were privileged to view this at the Pan Pacific Film Festival.  Check out the CFDb interview with Joe Estevez & Check out the CFDb Movie Review.  Recent interview with Jenn Gotzonand  John Schneider.

Tags: abortion, drama, mystery, 2013

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