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The Perfect Stranger (2005)

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The man told the lawyer he was Jesus Christ. The lawyer decided to call his bluff.

Nikki Cominsky is a successful attorney - troubled by the fact that her life isn't perfect. One day, a mysterious invitation shows up on her desk that reads, "You are invited to Dinner with Jesus of Nazareth." Thinking it's a prank, she shows up - only to find herself in the middle of a whirlwind evening of debate and revelation - with the most unforgettable man she would ever meet.

Based on the best-selling novel, "Dinner With a Perfect Stranger" by David Gregory.

"THE PERFECT STRANGER" is a great idea and a moving experience...I recommend it."
Jerry B. Jenkins, author, 'Left Behind' book series

"This movie is enjoyable for all who watch it. It is not only entertaining, but will challenge you to re-think your thoughts about God..." (4 out of 5 stars)
Donna Rolfe, The Dove Foundation

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