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Dog Days of Summer (2007)

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The summer the stranger came to town. The summer that turned this once idyllic paradise upside down.

It was a summer like any other in this sleepy southern town, until a mysterious drifter named Eli Cottonmouth (Will Patton of Remember The Titans and Armageddon) charms the townsfolk with a simple proposition for their upcoming anniversary celebration.

But behind this picture-perfect community, two boys (Devon Gearhart of Changeling and Colin Ford of Push) will now discover a secret world of mysteries, lies and tragedy that will change all their lives forever. Richard Herd (Star Trek: Voyager) and Gregory Alan Williams (The West Wing) co-star in this startling family drama about the things we believe in, the truths we hide, and the cold harsh realities that are sometimes revealed in The Dog Days Of Summer.

Starring: Will Patton (Remember The Titans), Richard Herd ("Seinfeld"), and more.

From the producers of The Ultimate Gift

Tags: adultery, death, drama, mystery, premarital sex, suspense, 2007

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