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Where Was God (2014 )

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Where Was God? – A desperate man asks a man with a secret, Where Was God?

To the outside world Pastor Thompkins (Seth Adair) has it all – a loving wife (Kristi Miller), a beautiful daughter (Kaitlin Borst) and a thriving ministry. However a member of his flock sees past the exterior to the turmoil and frustration within. Mr. Johnson (David Ross) intends to test the pastor’s faith, not in the Lord’s House, but in his own.

In a search for answers, Mr. Johnson takes him hostage in his own basement, rigging the pastor’s house with explosives. Both men carry a burden that they cannot lay down and their inner demons have driven them to the brink of destruction. With only an hour to convince him that God exists, Pastor Thompkins sets out to save his family as well as Mr. Johnson’s soul.

Tags: drama, suspense, 2014

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