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The Life Of Jesus Christ

The Life Of Jesus Christ 4903 Views

Originally produced for church groups by the Christian production company Cathedral Films, The Life of Christ depicts the complete story of Jesus' life and resurrection. Often sold as single chapters, or on VHS, TMG now brings you this comlete edition of The Life of Christ, re-mastered on 4 DVD discs. Each of the twelve half-hour programs faithfully illustrate aspects of the teachings and the ministry of Jesus Christ, in chronological order, from the Nativity in Bethlehem, to the Garden of Gethsemane and the Last Supper.The Life of Christ gives historical context with maps and graphics, and the believable dialogue makes these Bible stories come alive. Robert Wilson gives a strong, sensitive performance as Jesus Christ, and is strongly supported by a worthy cast, including Eileen Rowe, John Alvin, Edward Clark, Ralph Moody and Will Wright. Perfect for the whole family, The Life of Christ is a must see for faithful Christians of any denomination, and a wonderful addition to any family's Bible library.

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