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Samson (2018)

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Samson was a man of contradictions, strong and weak, righteous and sinful, civilized and wild. Yet despite his flaws, he was true to God. This gripping presentation of one of the Bible’s most beloved stories will transport you to Old Testament times where you’ll witness the amazing life of the famous Hebrew judge.

When Uncle Jeffrey arrives from a long flight, his nephew Vincent coaxes him into telling a bedtime story from the Bible about the strongest man who ever lived. Revealed by an angel of the Lord as the one who will deliver the Israelites from the rule of the Philistines, Samson is granted supernatural strength that allows him to do heroic feats, including killing a lion with his own hands and defeating an army of a thousand men with the jawbone of a donkey. However, through the frailties of his humanity, he is seduced by the beautiful Philistine Delilah into telling the secret of his great strength.

Samson accurately follows the story as told in the book of Judges and uniquely depicts the rise, fall, and ultimate victory of the Old Testament judge who points to the Messiah, the eternal Savior of the whole world.

Loved the statement – “It has been said that the Old Testament is the New Concealed and the New Testament is the Old revealed”.  This movie has a church play feel to it and was accurate.  Some humor throughout which doesn’t seem to fit with the story of Samson. Check CFDb Review

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