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The Carpenter's Miracle (2013)

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Josh is just an average carpenter in a small town, but when his touch miraculously brings a dead boy back – a boy he tried valiantly to save when he fell into a freezing lake – things spin totally out of control. The media quickly rushes to promote this feel-good Easter story and proclaims that it is a real miracle. However, there are those who are determined to debunk the entire story through any means necessary and Josh and the boy’s mother are thrust into a whirlwind they never expected. Through humor and faith and a budding romance, Josh works at returning to his normal life.  Based on the book by the same name.

If you like Hallmark films, this has the Hallmark feel to it. Quality was great but didn’t see any Christianity in it whatsoever.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Tags: drama, easter, comedy, family, 2013

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