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Untouched (2017)

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Based on the award-winning short film “Untouched” that is based on actual events.

Untouched is the story of a reluctant attorney’s struggle with inner demons. When Savannah is rocked by a horrific crime, Mitchell Thomas III becomes strangely compelled to defend a movie star’s daughter accused of murdering her newborn. His domineering mother senses new life in her prodigal son and pushes him to defend the teenager.

The client and her attorney connect and her circumstances exhume memories that begin to consume him. While his mother (Eleanor) rallies for a quick resolution to save the girl’s film star father from tabloid embarrassment, Mitch digs deeper into the Tybee Island community that hides the secret to the girls “virgin” pregnancy. The more he uncovers about his client, the more he drinks to escape the demons from his past. Mitch realizes that in order to save this young woman, he must face the darkest events of his life. He works against his mother and an unforgiving city to acquit the young woman and mend the wounds from a deep-rooted love affair.

Tags: abortion, drama, crime, 2017

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