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The World We Make (2019)

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WORLD WE MAKE, THE - A young couple have their characters tested when racial bias surfaces in their small town. Starring Caleb Castille and Rose Reid.

Lee Grove (Rose Reid), a spirited equestrian girl and high school senior, has no idea what she wants to pursue after graduation. All she knows is that she wants to do something that has significance. Seeing her concerns, Lee's older brother Casey (Richard Kohnke) suggests that they take on a unique three-month cross-country horse trek together. A challenging test of endurance and horsemanship, this journey will give Lee both the opportunity to do something significant and get away to contemplate her next move.

When Casey dies in a freak car accident, their plans to travel cross-country on horseback are derailed. Uncertain about her future and pained by the recent tragedies that she and her family have experienced, Lee resolves to follow her dreams and to do the cross-country trip by herself despite the lack of support from her father.

Lee begins training her horses for the test of endurance. At the same time, Jordan Bishop (Caleb Castille), Casey's best friend and an aspiring college football player (with dreams of his own), offers to help Lee do chores on the farm. Jordan happens to be African-American and comes from the other side of the tracks. Jordan becomes the lone voice of support and encouragement in Lee's life, and one afternoon in the barn she kisses him after sharing her dreams with him.

Lee and Jordan are at the threshold of building a life together, but their character is tested when racial bias surfaces in their otherwise progressive small town.

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