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Unbridled (2019)

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Abused by a crime syndicate boss, Sarah escapes and befriends a horse named Dreamer at an equine therapy ranch. When her abuser tracks her down, she must fight to win her freedom.

Sixteen year-old Sarah (Tea McKay) is abused in her suburban home by her mother’s boyfriend Roger (Eric Roberts – The Dark Knight), a powerful crime syndicate boss. Sarah’s mother Karen (Dey Young – Pretty Woman) looks the other way.  Roger toys with police Detective Sangrin (T.C. Stallings –War Room), who is desperate to find his own missing daughter. Sarah escapes from Roger with help from some friends; including a boy she likes named Kenny (David Topp – Beverly Hills Canine Country Club). They guide her to The Academy, a safe place where she meets a Dreamer, a mysterious horse, whose harrowing journey parallels her own. Sarah meets a closed group of young girls, who make her prove herself before being accepted. At her lowest point, Sarah's only safe relationship is with the horse. She begins the healing process, until Roger is freed from jail. Her life hangs in the balance as he hunts her down to re-join his dark empire. Sarah has one remote chance at redemption, but her strength is greater than anyone thought. “UNBRIDLED” is inspired by a North Carolina Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program called Corral.
UNBRIDLED has won numerous film festival awards including the prestigious EQUUS WINNIE Award.

Tags: drama, 2019

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