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Love Different (2016)

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When cultures clash... Hilarity ensues!

Lindsay Walker (Jenn Gotzon), a Caucasian woman who grew up in a small, all Caucasian town, gets a job at an African American consulting firm and finds herself in a complete culture shock!

An African American co-worker, Neque Campbell (Anthony Hackett), is given the task to help Lindsay get acquainted with the African American culture. Lindsay has 48 hours to learn about the African American culture in order for her not to lose her job.

Through their hilarious and eye-opening journey together, they both come to understand even more than they signed up for.

***Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 2016 Christian Film Festival in Orlando, FL***

***Winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the 2016 Charlotte Black Film Festival in Charlotte, NC.***

***Winner of the Rising Director Best Feature Film Award at the 2015 Orlando Urban Film Festival in Orlando, FL***

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