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Heavens to Betsy (2017)

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Some prayers are best left unanswered.

All Betsy Simon wanted was a little success. An aspiring author of children’s books featuring her cat, “Wishes,” Betsy believes she is about to get her big break. But when she is turned down by a major book publisher, Betsy is devastated. In frustration she cries out to God, “Why have you never answered even one of my prayers?” The moment the words escape her lips, everything changes. Betsy is transformed into a rich and famous author, carrying a Coach hand-bag, driving a new car and living in a mansion with her film-maker husband. Caught in this alternative universe, Betsy is about to find out why some prayers are best left unanswered!

Heaven’s to Betsy is a faith-based comedy for all audiences, starring newcomer Karen Lesiewicz and featuring Emmy-Winning actor, Jim O’Heir (from TV’s hit show, Parks and Recreation.)

2018 Silver Crown Award Winner for Best Comedy.

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