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The Funeral Guest (2015)

The Funeral Guest (2015) 1407 Views

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A lonely young woman who crashes funerals pretends to be the long-­estranged sister of a dead woman. 

Most of us go to funerals because we have to. Emily goes because she wants to. Socially awkward and lonely, the emotional rawness of a funeral allows her to feel a connection to other people, even when they’re complete strangers. When she crashes April Loren’s funeral, she’s mistaken for April’s long-estranged sister. Drawn in by the Loren family’s warmth and a burgeoning romance with April’s brother in law, Drew, Emily continues to masquerade as April’s sister, getting ever more deeply entrenched in her lies and her feelings for Drew. But there’s only so long she can maintain her charade and, when everything about you is a lie, the truth hurts… 

Tags: comedy, drama, family, 2015

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