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Home Sweet Home (2020)

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A romantic comedy for all ages. The heart of the story brings to light the selfless act of serving others in need. Starring: Natasha Bure (actress, singer/songwriter, social media star) and Ben Elliott.

Flirtatious barista Victoria (Natasha Bure) is bored with her social butterfly lifestyle and longs for real love. When handsome Jason (Ben Elliott) walks into her coffee shop, she turns on the charm. But he doesn’t respond to her flirting like men usually do. When she discovers that he runs a ministry that builds affordable housing for families in need, she decides to volunteer. So what if it’s faith-based organization? As far as she’s concerned, pretending to be a “church person” isn’t any different than pretending to like sports or a guy’s friends if it gets her what she wants.

Tags: comedy, drama, romance, 2020

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