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A.D. (1985)

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A.D. : The Trials and Triumph of the Early Church – Covering the years following the resurrection of Christ, through A.D. 70. Witness the trials and triumphs of the early church from the book of Acts! An outstanding film – picking up where The Passion of the Christ leaves off!

Jerusalem, A.D. 30. Roman soldiers dismantle the cross. Later, Christ appears on the road to Emmaus. Saul persecutes the Church and Stephen supports it.

Rejoice with Christ’s disciples at Pentecost, cry with them at the stoning of Stephen. See the Church grow as Paul is dramatically converted, Peter performs wonders and Philip baptizes the Ethiopian. Finally, witness the great triumph of the Church despite persecution by Roman rulers and the martyrdom of Peter and Paul.

Tags: drama, history, old testament

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