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3-2-1 Penguins: The Amazing Carnival of Complaining (2001)

3-2-1 Penguins: The Amazing Carnival of Complaining (2001) 1437 Views

IMDB Ratings: 6.6/10 from 38 users   


Stuck at their English grandmum’s cottage in the Pocono’s, Jason and Michelle Conrad make an interstellar discovery in the attic that leads to a series of out-of-this-world adventures. Once they’ve met Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel and Kevin (four of the wackiest space cowboys ever to cruise the universe) they realize THIS summer will be a blast!

What starts out as a leisurely trip to an amusing carnival turns out to be anything but leisurely or amusing. Then again, Uncle Blobb’s Amazing Carnival of Complaining is not your everyday theme park. Will Uncle Blobb succeed in his diabolical intergalactic real estate scheme? Will Jason and the Penguins be turned into “Seeds of Discontent?” And more importantly, do they have corn dogs in space?

Tags: animation, kids, short

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