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Becoming Jesse Tate (2009)

Becoming Jesse Tate (2009) 2844 Views

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Jesse Tate is a vivacious 13 year-old girl trying to cope with life while keeping a family secret.

She struggles to be part of the "in crowd" and the weird new feeling that boys really aren't that dumb, all while going to Church and keeping her grades up. It's a lot for anyone to handle.
Now, the secret threatens her faith, friendships and family. She must search for the things that are really important to her. Along the way, she discovers the meaning of forgiveness and ends up helping those around her without even knowing it. Not bad for a 13 year old who’s just trying to keep it all together while Becoming Jesse Tate.
A sweet story about forgiveness, friendship, and putting your faith into action. Jesse learns that being in the "in crowd" is not as important as true friendship and the love of your family and God.  Set in the world of a young teenager, Jesse seemingly does all the right things, yet things still fall apart.  Truths become difficult to discern, but through her friends, her pastor, and her faith, she learns how to navigate the tricky waters of growing up.  Jesse unexpectedly finds that she has friends she never knew she had and a faith that transforms those around her.

Tags: drama, family, youth, 2009

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