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The Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled (2004)

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This emotion-touching drama shows how one first century Rabbi (Yehudah, played by Nick Mancuso - Revelation, Tribulation, Judgment) becomes a follower of Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ). Yehudah attempts to share the Good News of Jesus with his people, beginning with his own relatives.


Now, one year has passed since the crucifixion of the carpenter's son. Yehudah's greatest challenge and earnest desire is to help his loved ones understand that the long awaited Messiah, the Son of David, walked among them. Through the Passover feast spoken of by Moses, Yehudah reveals the meaning behind the meal while his relatives slowly awaken to the fact that God's chosen people crucified the very Messiah whose reign they have awaited so long.


The Messiah: Prophecy Fullfilled is an excellent tool for sharing with those who may grapple with who Jesus really was and is today.


"Few movies have captured the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy like The Messiah... It's an extremely presuasive Gospel movie... bringing the Gospel alive." --Dr. Ted Baehr, The Movie Guide


"INSPIRED! Christians will be amazed as the roots of their faith are revealed." --Rose Golden, The Messianic Times


"Most definitely a non-mainstream and very distince Christian movie. A true, unadulterated Christian message." --Alexander Walker, London Evening Standard


The Messiah received a standing ovation at the National Religious Broadcasters' Convention. It conveys the Gospel message in a graphic and unforgettable way. If you have been looking for a way to share the Good News with your friends and loved ones, this is it! The incredible Gospel message that will bless people throughout the year.


Prophecy is one of the most powerful witnessing tools that God has equipped us with, especially Messianic prophecies. The passover featured in "The Messiah" is the first on a timeline of seven feasts the Lord outlined in Leviticus 23. Every feast is prophetic in nature, and points to Jesus of Nazareth. Four of the seven feasts (namely the spring festivals) were fulfilled at Yeshua's first coming while the fall festivals are yet to be fulfilled when the Messiah returns.




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