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The Miracle Maker: The Story of Jesus

The Miracle Maker: The Story of Jesus 2937 Views

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This full-length feature film was a network television blockbuster! It chronicles the encounter between Jesus and a sick girl named Tamar and Jairus, her father. More than that, it is an warm and intelligent presentation about the life of Jesus – emminently watchable. It features state-of-the-art 3-D model animation, brilliant realism.


King Herod (voiced by Anton Lesser), Judas Iscariot (David Thewlis) and Mary Magdalene (Miranda Richardson) are all on hand to play their integral parts in the extraordinary life story of Jesus Christ (Ralph Fiennes), from his birth to his miraculous healing powers. A heavyweight cast of voice-over talent, including Julie Christie, William Hurt and Ian Holm, breathes life into this claymation version of Biblical history.



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