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Crossroad (2012)

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Where fates collide, one road appears.


Fueled by revenge, Michael sets up a meeting with Clef Robie, the man who murdered his wife and child 6 years ago.


His plans of killing him come to a sudden standstill when two gunmen rob the diner. Michael takes matters into his own hands when he shoots them and holds the entire diner hostage until he kills his target. In the midst of all these events, Michael finds an unlikely ally in Don, a devout Christian who believes God is going to help him in his endeavor. While Michael battles with his faith, the hostages start finding extraordinary connections between them.


CROSSROAD is an emotional and inspiring story of redemption, forgiveness, and the ultimate realization of God's Grace in all of our lives.

Another MUST SEE film! You will NOT be disappointed. A film that anyone would enjoy and be blessed by. This is a film I would take a friend who was a non-believer. Great job!  Check out theCFDb Movie Review.



Tags: action, drama, thriller, 2012

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