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Hillsong Worship: No Other Name

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"No Other Name" features the songwriting, worship leadership, musicianship and vocals of those now well-known as the Hillsong Worship team, including Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding, Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, Nigel Hendroff, Autumn Hardmann, Annie Garrett, Jad Gillies, David Ware, and Taya Smith. 

With cover art that shows the iconic billboards of New York City’s Times Square proclaiming NO OTHER NAME, this album is a bold statement about the Name of Jesus. More than just songs, our prayer is that the album would give voice to individuals and churches across the earth, unifying them in a declaration of worship that is lifted to and for no other name but Jesus.


1. No Other Name (Opener)
2. Heaven And Earth
3. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
4. No Other Name
5. My Story 
6. Thank You Jesus
7. Calvary
8. This I Believe (Opener)
9. This I Believe (The Creed)
10. All Things New
11. Our Father
12. Depths
13. Mountain

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