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Hillsong: The I Heart Revolution, With Hearts As One

Hillsong: The I Heart Revolution, With Hearts As One 1903 Views

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The sound and sight of a generation with hearts as one. Recorded globally.

Travel with Hillsong United as they journey to the ends of the earth and unite with young people everywhere in song and mission.  It's an exploration of faith and culture, capturing the sound and passion of a generation consumed in worshiping their God, and who in the process are finding their hearts being drawn closer and closer to understanding the heart of God. 

It's a question of Worship and Justice:  Can they be separated?  Or are they in fact knitted together at the very core - that as we revere and adore our Saviour in spirit and truth we must be compelled to help those who are in need?

Song List:

(An Introduction) The Time Has Come
One Way
What the World Will Never Take
Look to You
Take All of Me
The Stand
Nothing but the Blood
Fire All Down (Fuego de Dios)
Shout unto God
Love Enough
Take It All
All I Need Is You
None but Jesus
From the Inside Out
Came to My Rescue (Be Lifted High)
Salvation Is Here
Tell the World

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