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Christ Alone (2014)

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A teaching on natural law, biblical institutions and authority, and how Satan has disrupted God's plan for humanity.

In this extraordinary visual masterpiece, we follow Jesus Christ through the scenes of his ministry, looking at how his teachings revolutionized our understanding of Natural Law, the God instituted roles of mankind, the family, the church, society and government, and how Satan has methodically destroyed each critical institution in his pursuit of the New World Order we see unfolding at this late stage of human history.

Expert Guests: Amb. Alan Keyes, Dr. Chuck Baldwin, Don McAlvany, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, George W. Hunt, Tim Baldwin, J.D., Ty Bollinger

Topics Include: Natural Law, Biblically defined roles of Man, Family, Church, Society & Government, Eugenics, GMO, Transhumanism, Population Control, Agenda 21, RFID, The New World Order, 2nd Amendment/Self-Defense, Federal Reserve/Central Banks, Dangers of Institutionalized Churches, and many more!

Tags: bible history, call to action, documentary, educational, end time events, occult, ptsd, end times, 2014

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