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A Christmas Journey to Freedom (2009)

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Come take a trip on a railroad like no other you've ever seen.

 It is the famed Underground Railroad of the nineteenth century, traveled by countless African-American slaves on their perilous exodus from bondage to freedom. A Christmas Journey to Freedom will give you and your family a whole new perspective on the glorious hope of the gospel, seen through the eyes of a people who deeply related to the lowliness, the suffering, and the liberating power of Jesus.

In this unforgettable 3 part Day of Discovery DVD, acclaimed vocalist Wintley Phipps and actress Gwendolyn Briley-Strand reenact the true story of Joe, a slave who flees his Southern plantation on Christmas, and guided by the Moses like figure of Harriet Tubman makes his way through the Underground Railroad to freedom in Canada.

Featuring musical selections such as O Holy Night and Sweet Little Jesus Boy sung by Wintley and commentary by historian Dr. Allen Callahan, A Christmas Journey to Freedom is a powerful drama that will stir your soul and enrich your faith both at Christmas and at any time of the year.


     Hark! the Herald Angels Sing
     O Holy Night
     Rise Up Shepherd and Follow
     Silent Night
     Some Children See Him
     Sweet Little Jesus Boy
     Joy to the World

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