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The End of Days and the Mount of Olives (2008)

The End of Days and the Mount of Olives (2008) 3228 Views

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Overlooking Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives is one of the Bible's most significant locations

It was here that Jesus taught His disciples to pray, where He came to spend time alone with His Father in prayer, where He was arrested by the servants of the high priest and led off to judgment, and where His disciples watched as He ascended into heaven after His resurrection. 

In the days to come—and on a date unknown to us—this is where the Bible tells us that Jesus will return to judge the nations and establish peace.

So, in the meantime, what do we do? What mission has He left for us to accomplish? Why is there so much conflict in the world around us, and why is Jesus' message of liberation from evil and strife rejected by so many who hear it?

Join Day of Discovery television with hosts Mart DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung as they take you to visit this most important site: the Mount of Olives. You'll hear what those who live here have to say about the end of days and the role the Mount of Olives will play in God's rescue—God's peace plan for all people.

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