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Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven (2008)

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A modern adaptation of John Bunyan's beloved Christian classic

Based on John Bunyan's literary classic, Pilgrim's Progress is a powerful allegory of the life of a believer on a journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City.

Amazing visual effects, beautiful locations and a wonderful cast bring to life the story that has inspired each generation for hundreds of years. Follow Christian and his companions on a great Journey to the gates of Heaven as they face obstacles large and small, man-made and demon-spawned.

From director/producer/writer Danny Carrales (Escape from Hell, The Gathering, and Final Exit)

Pilgrim’s Progress is one my all time favorite books although I have to admit I couldn’t read the original version, I loved the teen version of the book and the Audio series. This movie version of the book would have been even better if they had kept to the original allegories. A lot of the allegories are actually explained in this one which loses some of its mystery. There is one statement I LOVED in this film – “We are all on the same journey. Are you on the right path?” That was my favorite quote in this version. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

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