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The List (2007)

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Power comes with a price

Deception, greed, and a deadly lust for power lie at the heart of a sinister organization in this intriguing thriller based on the novel by best-selling author Robert Whitlow. Starring Malcolm McDowell (TV's War And Peace), Chuck Carrington (TV's JAG), Hilarie Burton (TV's One Tree Hill) and Will Patton (A Mighty Heart), The List is a heart-racing tale of suspense and betrayal, in a dark world of blood oaths that bind generations.

Returning home for his father's funeral, Renny Jacobson (Carrington) discovers he's the inheritor of his family's chair in a secret society founded during the Civil War. But Renny suspects there's more to the society's activities than meets the eye, and when his inquiries into the group's true nature are discovered by its corrupt leader (McDowell), Renny becomes the target of a dark and mysterious force with the power to destroy everything - and everyone - he loves.

This film received the GOLD-Award for Best Picture - 2008 Crown Awards
This film received the GOLD-Award for Best Screenplay - 2008 Crown Awards
This film received the GOLD-Award for Best Drama Over $250,000 - 2008 Crown Awards

One of my favorite films and the overwhelming theme that Satan’s power can only be broken by the blood of Jesus.  If you like scary films, check this one out.  Cindy says… This is a fairly good legal suspense film with supernatural overtones.Cindy’s Movie Review.

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