The Encounter: Paradise Lost (2012)
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The Encounter: Paradise Lost (2012)

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What is lost...can be found

The follow-up to the Pure Flix hit movie, “The Encounter” increases the intensity and action as a group of damaged individuals face the life-changing decision of accepting Christ - invited by a man claiming to be Jesus Christ himself.

A retiring drug smuggler, his drug-addicted wife and his ruthless bodyguard find themselves trapped by a suspended DEA Special Agent at a  Thai resort owned by a troubled former Wall Street investment banker  and his wife, who mourn the loss of their only son in a devastating tsunami. It is an explosive mix of personalities. Violence looms, but a mysterious guest, claiming to be Jesus  Christ, arrives to offer each of them one final chance at redemption in this inspiring, thought-provoking thriller.

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost – What an amazing thing to imagine, Jesus coming to speak directly to each of us and as a result of prayer. Check out the CFDb Interview with David A.R. White.

Tags: action, drama, thriller, 2012

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