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What God Hath Wrought (2012)

What God Hath Wrought (2012) 2404 Views

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A documentary on Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel Movement.

The “Jesus Movement” of the late 60’s and early 70’s is considered one of the greatest spiritual revivals in American history. Its epicenter was a church in Costa Mesa, California, called Calvary Chapel, pastored by Chuck Smith. This historical documentary tells the story of Calvary Chapel and the Jesus Movement and traces its impact on Christianity including the birth of contemporary Christian music and worship as well as a more informal church atmosphere. Includes interviews with Chuck Smith, Franklin Graham, Tim LaHaye and many others.

In a rare in-depth interview, Pastor Chuck Smith, “the Father of the Jesus Movement,” takes us on a journey of his life and tells us in his own words how Calvary Chapel grew from 25 people to a worldwide Movement. He and his wife opened their hearts and welcomed members of the hippie counterculture into their church and the rest is history. The result was the conversion of thousands of young people and the beginning of widespread changes in the church. Those changes had a huge impact on modern-day Christianity as we know it today. His ministry has since influenced and continues to influence millions of people all over the world.

Won "Best Documentary" at Christian International Film Festival - 2012

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