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The Saber (2007)

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Just a secret. Done in secret. Nobody sees. Nobody knows.

Cameron, class leader and computer whiz-kid, succumbs to the lure of internet pornography, losing what he deems most precious - his relationship with Allison and his future at the Military Academy. A crisis of faith leads to his only hope.

Cross Wind Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization meeting the needs of this generation through hope-filled dramatic media productions and by mentoring young teenage artists in a Christian faith-based environment that supports and encourages the expression of their God-given talents.

The Saber is the second in Cross Wind Productions' Hear My Voice Series. The DVDs in this series deal with teen-related life issues in a dramatic format designed to address those issues in a thought-provoking, relevent manner.

The teen actors you see in this DVD were also the crew of gaffers, grips, time code keepers, makeup artists, continuity watchers and clapboard snappers. They worked under the guidance of industry professionals to produce The Saber.

The Saber deals with the mature, sensitive topic of internet pornography. It may not be suitable for children under the age of thirteen.

REMI AWARD, Worldfest Houston International Film Festival (Bronze)

Tags: drama, youth, 2007, pornography

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