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Shadow Government (2009)

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How the global elite, plan to destroy democracy and your freedom.

John Wilson wakes up, gets ready for his day and heads to work. He has no idea that in numerous ways he's being watched, monitored, scrutinized and studied, yet he's just an ordinary citizen.

For justifiable reasons and with good intentions John now has less rights than almost anyone could have imagined, or even feared, just a few years ago. What if John knew that the elected government may not be in control, that there were hidden forces with no ties to democracy or constitutional rights in power? What about new laws on hate speech and broad definitions on terrorism? And ultimately, what about a Biblically prophesied global government run by the Antichrist coming to pass?

Internationally known best-selling author Grant Jeffrey details how individual's rights and freedoms have disappeared, how a system is now in place to control and monitor all of humanity, and how all this ties in to one of the Bible's most fascinating prophecies.

Great, informative documentary. We highly recommend watching this. It was not what we expected. It really brought out some things we were not aware of. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

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