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Quest for the Real Paul (2005)

Quest for the Real Paul (2005) 1922 Views

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Who is the apostle Paul and what can we learn about him?

Quest for the Real Paul takes viewers on a fascinating journey to many of the places where the apostle traveled and taught. Along the way, publisher and Middle East scholar David Hulme begins to unravel the centuries of accumulated misunderstanding about Paul and his teachings. Through a fresh look a the cultural, historical and religious context of his writings, viewers will get to know this complex and colorful man. With modern scholarship shedding new light on the biblical record, an astonishingly different picture of the apostle Paul emerges.

From his vicious attacks on the early followers of Jesus, to his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus, to his imprisonment and martyrdom, the apostle Paul's life was marked by controversy. That legacy continues today, and as scholars learn more about the world in which Paul lived, the debate is increasing.

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