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VeggieTales: God Made You Special (2007)

VeggieTales: God Made You Special (2007) 3780 Views

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A special collection of 4 VeggieTales stories reminding everyone that "God made you special!"

Children will discover that God made each of them special when they watch this collection of new and classic VeggieTales episodes!

The new story "Bob's Vacation" begins with a misunderstanding between Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber that not only brings Bob down and threatens to spoil his vacation, but it may even ruin their very friendship! Bob leans that God created him with unique qualities to make him special in his own way. Will it be enough to settle his predicament with Larry?

You'll also enjoy the classic tale "Dave and the Giant Pickle;" the heroic story of David and Goliath with a Veggie-twist in which a shepherd boy realizes that "little guys can do big things, too."

In a hilarious outer-space adventure, "The Gourds Must Be Crazy," helps the Veggies learn to appreciate the differences in others.

Finally, "A Snoodle's Tale" is the heart-warming story about a self-conscious Snoodle who lets the opinions of others bring him down until he that realizes that the way God sees him is the only thing that really matters. This collection also includes two Silly Songs and bonus features. Running time: Approximately 75 minutes. Close-Captioned, with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, English and Spanish subtitles, and Stereo sound.

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