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Dancer and the Dame (2015)

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A cop-buddy movie of the furry variety

Dancer and the Dame – The film tells the story of Detective Dancer, played by Billy Gardell, who struggled with a personal conflict five years before the movie starts. Since his struggle, Dancer gives up on life and his job.

That all ends when he is paired up with a police dog who is also dealing with post-traumatic stress. The dog helps Dancer make a life changing turn around. And in response, Dancer does the same for his partner, the Dame.

Starring Billy Gardell from the CBS sitcom “Mike and Molly,” the movie pairs his character “Dancer” with a German shepherd sidekick in a cop-buddy movie of the furry variety.

Producer David A.R. White, who also stars in the film, said, “DANCER AND THE DAME is classic family entertainment. This film is a great vehicle for Billy’s comedic timing and we are thrilled he signed on for this to be his first starring theatrical release since the success of his TV show.”


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