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Creed of Gold (2014)

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A cloak and dagger adventure about the federal reserve and the greed that endangers a group of college students who are uncovering the truth.

In 1917, a secret group financed the Bolshevik Revolution. While this group did not break any laws, were their actions ethically right? Creed of Gold follows three college students as they invesigate this shadowy group of individuals who for centuries has manipulated finances around the world and is now using the Federal Reserve to undermine the U.S. economic situation. When, unbeknownst to the others, one man gets greedy and creates a computer program in the Federal Reserve accounting program to siphon money into his own pocket. And the race is on for the three college students to uncover this plot and to expose this secret syndicate.

An intriguing Christian film about the Federal Reserve. There are some humorous moments throughout and a nice ending! Check out theCFDb Movie Review. CFDb Interview with Daniel Knudsen.


Tags: action, drama, finances/tithing, mystery, thriller, 2014

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