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Home Beyond the Sun (2004)

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A fight for freedom. A search for truth.

Home Beyond the Sun is the story of two girls, Jenna (Melyssa Ade) a 22-year old American teacher and the other, Chu Lee (Molly Sayer) an eight-year old Chinese orphan. Together, with the help of the Lord and the guidance of His Word, they overcome the adversity of prejudice, persecution, and political oppression to find solace and protection in the bosom of a Christian family.

This extraordinarily moving feature explores the social and political realities of China today. Produced, written and directed by award winning filmmakers of faith, this movie will enthrall the heart, elevate the spirit, and expand the awareness of committed men and women to these challenges. In this deeply committed visual adventure, the creative fire of Christian love warms the hearts of rebels with a cause.

Fantastic film, powerful and inspired by a true story.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Tags: adoption, drama, true films, 2004

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